atelier 7|12 jewels talk about your inner self, about your light and your shadow. They are created to connect them. They are made for your colored soul to translate your feelings in small precious objects.


atelier 7|12 is an Italian jewelry brand launched in 2014 by Annalisa Morzone with the purpose of creating an easy to recognize aesthetic with a positive and spontaneous approach from the design to the production.

The atelier aims to be a place where dreams come true, where everything is proudly handmade. 7|12 are the lucky numbers to bet on, a kind of secret code to open a precious studio where special amulets are made to measure, full of energy and incredibly sparkling.

Our jewels are inseparable porte-bonheur with basic shapes but with a strong emotional component. Their true nature and beauty make them an outstanding product, they are always one of a kind as each piece is made with love by Italian craftmen.

Gold, brass or silver are very often bespoke with engravings which are an invitation to think, share and express an individual style. Ironic, happy words and sentences to wear as a personal mantra will be always the most iconic element.